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Bill Murray, who has played in several AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Ams, played in the movie Caddyshack. Even though this movie was a comedy about golf, it had a great quote by Ty Webb, played by Chevy Chase. This is a golf tip that we all can use to improve our golf swings. Ty stated to Danny Noonan, played by Michael O'Keefe, Danny, Let me give you a little advice. There is force in the universe that make things happen. The only thing you got to do is get in touch with IT. Stop thinking and let things happen, and be the ball.

There are four key phrases in Ty's quote that can actually serve as great advice for the golfer to use on the golf course:

  • There is a force in the universe.
  • Get in touch with IT.
  • Stop thinking.
  • Be the ball.

Get in touch with IT, Stop thinking, and Be the ball are three of the most important points from this quote for the golfer to use in their golf game. What this does is that it redirects or shifts the golfer's conscience outward from interfering with the natural process of the Subconscious mind. Thus, the term The SUB-Zone, the 'IT' Factor.
The natural force, the 'IT' Factor, in golf is the subconscious mind where the golfer's muscle memory is stored and where the ability to execute the golf shot consistently resides. The golfer's ability to get in touch with IT, the subconscious mind, or SUB-Zone, is to the golfer's advantage by creating the same situation that occurs in Driving Hypnosis. Driving Hypnosis, or the SUB-Zone, is where the conscious mind shifts outward from being aware of the driving task and starts thinking about other issues or objectives.

The last thing the golfer wants to do at address is think about the golf swing. Thinking is just as disastrous for the golfer as it is for a baseball pitcher on the mound. The pitcher, like the golfer, needs to develop confidence in his/her mechanics and techniques. If the pitcher starts thinking about their mechanics or techniques, they lose all focus. The pitcher needs to focus attention outwardly on the strike zone.

While Driving Hypnosis is unsafe to use for driving a vehicle down the highway, it works great for driving a golf ball down the fairway. The golfer, like the driver, relies on muscle memory to execute a consistent golf swing. Muscle memory, the subconscious strength, or the SUB-Zone, develops the golfer's feel for the golf swing. For Driving Hypnosis or to develop the SUB-Zone, there are three conditions that must be in place:

  1. Normal and routine tasks and conditions must exist.
  2. Rely on a high degree of relaxation, confidence, and muscle memory.
  3. The conscious and subconscious minds are focused on two different situations, or the SUB-Zone.

The last phrase in the quote that Ty gave Danny is to be the ball. If the golfer wants to improve their golf swing, they need to redirect their consciousness outwardly, like what occurs during Driving Hypnosis. The conscious mind needs to shift, or be redirected outwardly, like the golfer thinking about being the ball. This shift, or redirection, allows the conscious mind to get out of the way of the subconscious mind in order to execute a good golf shot. The conscious mind has a role to play in the golf swing, but swing mechanics are not one of them. The conscious mind works best just by identifying the WHAT, or the objective, and letting the subconscious mind concentrate on HOW.

Another advantage the subconscious mind has over the conscious mind is there no sense of time. That's the reason our auto response is quicker, like a person's instincts when falling which automatically extends the arms to brace themselves. In golf, the subconscious mind treats the golf swing as a survival skill.

The survival skills developed by our ancestors are well-entrenched in all of us. The subconscious mind doesn't accept a new or different process, without verification or proof. It's treating your golf swing as if your life is depending on it. That is why it takes a long period of time to entrench a new technique in the golf swing. During the learning period, the subconscious mind is being convinced that the new technique works and how it fits into the sequence.

The subconscious mind depends on a sequential process to work efficiently. This is why it is important to establish a sequential process, like in The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, using Ergonomic, Sync, Preset, and Yaw elements. Once the golfer can develop a routine, then the golfer can develop more reliable muscle memory.

A great method to develop the muscle memory in the ESPY Golf Swing is to preset the wrists, as noted in the diagram above, the preset position. This allows your conscious mind to become like a spotter at the target zone and get out of the way of the subconscious mind. This will preoccupy your conscious mind and allow the subconscious mind do what it does best, execute the golf shot with confidence and consistency.

Presetting the wrists taps directly into your subconscious mind. This preset represents 80 percent of the golfer's swing. This develops the feel the golfer is trying to establish, without applying much effort. Presetting the wrists sets two key muscles, the thenars (Thenar and Hypothenar) and the Brachio-Radialis muscles, noted in the diagram of the forearm, wrists, and hand above. This starts the Domino effect, where the rest of the muscles are naturally set in the golf swing, as if they are on autopilot. So if the golfer wants to significantly improve his/her golf swing and simplified it, preset the wrists.   

By: QATSPY GOLF Approach
Charles W. Boatright
Madison, MS

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A Recommendation for your Golf Game:

I would like to recommend a wonderful radio program that I regularly listen to on my I-Heart Radio app on KARN 102.9 FM station, out of Little Rock, AR. They air a golf show called "Arkansas Fairways and Greens," at 7:00 AM CT each Saturday morning, hosted by Bob Steel and Jay Fox. Bob occasionally has on his show a guest named Shawn Humphries, a Professional Golf Instructor from Dallas, Texas. One thing that Mr. Humphries stresses is the mental part of golf, not focusing on the results but the process.

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