Monday, November 16, 2015

Make the Most of Your Next Round by Improving Your Golf Swing Habits

Golf is a game of technique. A good golf swing is one fundamental skill that all successful golfers need to master. While even the most successful golfers may struggle with their swings occasionally, one of the quickest ways to derail a golf swing is lateral sway during the backswing. This can cause your ball to veer off course and land far from the green or your intended target. It also robs you of club head speed which could otherwise power the ball further down the fairway.

Sway may be introduced into a swing when a golfer fails to pivot his or her shoulders towards the spine during the swing. Failing to shift weight to the front of your back foot may also introduce sway into an otherwise perfect golf swing. Another cause of sway is when a golfer tries to generate too much club head speed. A nice controlled swing is the key to a perfectly placed shot.

One of the best ways to determine if lateral sway is plaguing your swing is by taking practice swings in front of a mirror. While it may sound simple, it allows you to pay close attention to any movement in your right hip. This movement is a no-no in the swing since any movement can be an indicator of sway.

Swinging in a mirror several minutes a day is a great way to ensure that your shot is being initiated in the spine and not in the hips. Increasing flexibility in the spine will also allow you to rotate your body throughout the entire shot.

The aforementioned drill is known as the Starter Drill, and it can be used before every shot you take on the course. Simply initiate your golf swing and pay close attention to your right hip. Any movement is a sign that you are swaying.


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